Overhead squat assessment

The over head squat is one of the most valuable assessment you can do with your patient. Before starting assessment one should check rang of motion of all joints.


This test for bilateral symmetrical mobility and stability of hip, knee and ankle joint .In addition to check shoulder as well as thoracic mobility.

Red flag must be address before assessment.

How to perform?

  • Instruct the patient for 5 repetitions of squat as per his comforts zone.
  • Heel should not off the ground while performing task.
  • You must address in your document regarding pain or discomfort during squatting.
  • Do not let the patient know what you are looking for otherwise patient might adjust him self and we may get false result.
  • We should consider different view motion from different angles.


Observation check list:

1). Feet pronate and externally rotate:

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