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What is Synergistic dominance ?


It is a self-serving substitution system that allows us to carry on life even though parts of our structure . It may be slowly breaking down and decompensating.

A typical synergistic pattern often exists in runners with a unilaterally tight/hypertonic iliopsoas that is reciprocally inhibiting the ipsilateral gluteus maximus. The hamstrings and adductor magnus (synergists in hip extension) are over active to help the weakened gluteus maximus in hip extension efforts.

This pattern is one of the primary causes of hamstring pulls and is initiated by the late firing of the weakened gluteals during hip extension, especially during activities that include running.

Arthrokinetic Dysfunction :

Synergistic dominance eventually end up with Arthrokinetic Dysfunction .which is the result of prolonged alterations of

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What can be the different diagnosis?


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