We have written assesment skill and treatment part of hamstring strain. Now we make you think even more deeply for hamstring strain.

Generally, we treat hamstring strain with hamstring retraining. But, if hamstring strain has occurred due to overuse or repetitive stress of hamstring the treatment should be retraining of gluteus maximus, quadriceps, and hip lateral rotators.

The hamstring muscles are more dominant than the quadriceps muscles for the action of knee extension. In walking or running, once the foot is fixed by contact with the ground, the hip extension action of the hamstring muscles contributes to the extension of the knee. Hip extension to assist in knee extension is commonly used by the patient who has weakness of the quadriceps muscles as a result of poliomyelitis. To reinforce the knee extension action, the patient often flexes the trunk slightly to use gravity to further contribute to the knee extension movement. A similar movement pattern is seen in the runner who uses the hamstring muscles for knee extension control. He or she demonstrates a pattern of bringing the knee backward to the body rather than bringing the body up to the knee as when climbing stairs or when standing from a sitting position. So in patient with such pattern of movements, quadriceps are weak and hamstring are overactive that will susceptible for overuse injury.

Secondly, Another possibility for hamstring strain is the insufficient participation of the gluteus maximus muscle to generate the tension necessary for hip extension.

A third example of strain, specifically strain of the biceps femoris muscle, occurs when the biceps femoris muscle is insufficiently assisted by the intrinsic hip lateral rotators-the gemelli, obturators, piriformis, and quadratus femoris muscles-in producing lateral hip rotation.

Following alterations are found in patients with hyperactive hamstrings and its underactive synergists.

Movement impairments 

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