Jaymin H Bhatt (PT)

About Jaymin H Bhatt (PT)

Editor in chief

Jaymin Bhatt has been in the health and wellness industry since 2007.He completed his graduation from Rajiv Gandhi University of health science Karnataka and has wide experience in sports medicine injury.  He is an editorial board member of Italian journal of sports rehabilitation and posturology. He is developing a presentation style that is clear and engaging. His focus is on optimizing evidence-based clinical practice. His clinical and research interests include the role of muscle imbalance in musculoskeletal pain and has mission to provide guidance and solutions for people to reconnect with their body, restore their movement, and help them stay active to improve their performance.

With his simple approach he believes in listening to his patients and attempts to understand what they can’t do.  The dominant complaint is usually a limitation of movement because of pain or stiffness and he tries to alter pain or stiffness through the use of his words, hands, and demonstrations of exercises by creating a within-session change.   He allows them to experience something different and gives every patient the confidence that we can create change.