The gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, gluteus maximus; and the lateral
rotators. The greater trochanter increases the moment arm of these muscles by deflecting their line of pull away from the axis of hip motion.

 Origin: Ilium, external surface between iliac crest and the anterior and posterior gluteal lines.

Insertion: Femur, lateral surface of greater trochanter

Nerve supply:

Superior gluteul nerve (L4-S1)

Action:  GMed. is the deltoid of the hip joint.
Anterior fibres- flexion and internal rotation of hip
Posterior fibres- extension and external rotation of hip
Middle fibres with anterior and posterior fibres ABDUCTS the hip.


Fascial Integration:

The Gluteal Aponeurosis – is a thickening of the fascia extending from the posterior iliac crest to the gluteus maximus and part of the gluteus medius.   Further, this fascia runs continuous with superficial fibers of the thoracolumbar fascia that envelops in the latissimus dorsi.  The gluteus medius has it’s own tendon, but binds in the periosteum of the greater trochanter adjacent to the gluteus minimus, piriformis, and vastus lateralis.  Although there are distinct borders on the greater trochanter


Biomechanical consideration in functional activities:

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